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Introducing Tx:
Transformational and relational
modeling working together



Tx projects fuse relational modeling with transformational logic to provide a multidimensional view of data relationships and dependencies—providing a complete overview of your Snowflake data landscape. Plan, validate, transform, and deploy using an all-in-one integrated online platform that supports your teams across every stage of data modeling and analytics.

Best practices built-in and enforced
All-in-one data modeling

Accelerated time-to-market
Supports all modeling methodologies
A multidimensional view of your data landscape

A multidimensional view of your data landscape

Observe and model the relational data landscape and use it to guide and enforce transformational logic and data flows. Tx projects keep relational and transformational views of your data in perfect sync, allowing you to plan new designs and avoid duplicate or siloed data.

The repeatability of templates,<br />the responsiveness of code

The repeatability of templates,
the responsiveness of code

SqlDBM combines the best of code-first and GUI-based solutions for a powerful development experience. Our Tx templates allow users to wrap complex SQL logic in reusable boiler-plate standards to accelerate and automate the creation of repeatable objects such as dimensions, views, Data Vault objects, or anything else you create.

Consolidate your tech stack

Consolidate your tech stack

Tx projects add data transformation and automation to SqlDBM’s robust set of features, such as collaboration, data discovery, and data governance. Finally, an all-in-one data solution that empowers teams from design to deployment and supports them afterward with intuitive documentation and governance functionality. From business users to data engineers, SqlDBM Tx projects offer an all-in-one solution to everyday modeling needs.

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