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Customer Stories

Osama Khattab, Director of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Sophos
It takes time to understand how things link together. SqlDBM helps speed up operational efficiency and agility, and, at the same time, adds more governance around the way we manage our data.
Jarred Campbell, CTO / CIO / Managing Partner, POWDR sollutions
SqlDBM can accelerate my time to market: it’s ready to go off-the-shelf and easily integrates with the cloud technologies that I'm moving towards.

Premier Partner

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In 2019, SqlDBM became the first online modeling tool to support Snowflake projects and has continued to add support for Snowflake's latest objects, such as Views, Functions, and Procedures. The ability to natively modify, track, Reverse/Forward engineer Snowflake objects, and display them on a diagram is why over 300 Snowflake clients use SqlDBM.

Data management partner

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SqlDBM supports Azure Synapse modeling with extended support for Views, Functions, Procedures, and more. Using SqlDBM's Virtual Suggested Relationships feature, Synapse customers can relationally link and explore their entire landscape without using foreign keys.