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SqlDBM for Snowflake Data Cloud

Architecture and business metadata in a single place

Snowflake features

SqlDBM supports lakehouse objects with native properties

File formats
Bring your entire team to the cloud

SqlDBM is a cloud-native SaaS data modeling solution built to keep up with the rapidly evolving cloud data warehouse landscape. Using just a web browser, the entire team can collaboratively model, analyze, and access the whole project history. Of course, you can be sure that your data is secure thanks to SqlDBM’s Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II compliance.

Connect directly to Snowflake

Being able to connect directly to any of your Snowflake databases means accessing the most up-to-date DDL from SqlDBM. Reverse engineer an existing database without copying DDL by hand or comparing the latest changes before deploying to any environment.

Visualize and modify your DB/DW

That’s right, visualize AND modify your database all from SqlDBM’s intuitive, no-code interface. Search, diagram, track data lineage, and perform changes from a single screen without digging into the underlying SQL scripts.

Events & webinars

Data Modeling for Snowflake with SqlDBM ft. Kent Graziano & Serge Gershkovich

How to Work with Snowflake Cloud Data Model See Questions and answers

Building a Cloud Data Warehouse in Snowflake: 10 Best Practices

Data Modeling Meetup Munich: Optimizing Data Vault Architecture on Snowflake with Dan Galavan (EN)

The book “Data Modeling with Snowflake”

by Serge Gershkovich  (Author), Kent Graziano  (Foreword)

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This book will help you get familiar with simple and practical data modeling frameworks that accelerate agile design and evolve with the project from concept to code.These universal principles have helped guide database design for decades, and this book pairs them with unique Snowflake-native objects and examples like never before — giving you a two-for-one crash course in theory as well as direct application.

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