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SqlDBM SQL Database Modeler

Design your Database/Data Warehouse online
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SqlDBM offers you an easy, convenient way to design your database absolutely anywhere on any browser, working away without need for any extra database engine or database modelling tools or apps. Use SqlDBM to design and manage both large and small databases and data models on the fly. All while incorporating any needed database rules and objects such as database keys, schemas, indexes, column constraints and relationships
Design your database online
Use SqlDBM to create a physical model or ERD of your database, then create your actual database using the model, including all database objects – tables and their attendant columns and relationships, indexes and constraints. Alternatively, simply click to generate the necessary SQL statements that will create your database, and save these statements to create your database at a later point. No database credentials are required for this.
Forward Engineering
Do you already have an existing database but no ER diagram or physical model? With SqlDBM, this is no problem! Use the reverse engineering feature to import an existing database into SqlDBM. No database credentials are required for this.
Reverse Engineering

Explore the Features

Friendly UI

Create database objects like tables, objects, relationships, indexes, quickly and intuitively

Alter and edit database objects inline in your diagram

Copy or Move columns across tables

Zoom in and out of diagrams

On-the-spot design anywhere on any browser

Available in Dark & Light Themes

Team collaboration

Team collaboration allows to work remotely with your team and stakeholders on the same project.

Easily share projects and versions of each project with other users

Use shared projects for presentations, documentation or database design reviews

Dark and light themes

Dark Theme: For those of us who prefer a dark background with lighter-colored text.

Light Theme: For those of us who prefer a lighter background with darker-colored text.

Subject Areas

Create multiple Subject Areas to cover different aspects of the business needs.

Then create multiple specialized diagrams or models in each Subject Area to reflect only those aspects of the Subject Area you are working on.


SqlDBM automatically creates a new version of your project upon every 'Save'

You can roll back to any version at any time

All versions are saved in the cloud, giving you the flexibility to open any version anywhere

You can create custom labels for any version

View Mode

Customize your project view using modes such as: Table Names only, Keys only, Description Only etc

Use the different view modes for different purposes, for example one view for presentation purposes and another for design reviews

Add a helpful description for each view mode for better conceptual modelling and identification

MS SQL Server

SqlDBM is compatible with MS SQL Server

You can convert projects between database type


SqlDBM is compatible with MySQL

You can convert projects between database type

Export PNG and PDF coming soon

Print out your project or export it quickly to PDF format (or whichever other format you tell us is useful)


SqlDBM is compatible with Snowflake

You can convert projects between database type

Star Layout coming soon

Alignment of objects on the scheme without overlay

Automatic alignment after reverse engineering


SqlDBM is compatible with PostgreSQL

You can convert projects between database type

Amazon Redshift

SqlDBM is compatible with Amazon Redshift

You can convert projects between database type

What people say

David Pond
Head of Innovation at Redgate Software
Design your Database online - Import existing DB, generate SQL & collaborate! I've been really impressed by what Ajay Singh and his team have accomplished. It'll be incredibly exciting to see where they take SQLDBM. 50% launch discount lasts until Monday.
Robert Reeves
CTO at Datical
I am a super huge fan of SqlDBM. You can check it out here: https://sqldbm.com/Home/. For those of you that might need a lighter weight database modeling tool, you should definitely check this out. Of course, running in a browser is just plain awesome. Ajay Singh can help you out if you have any questions.
Peter Parker
BI and Advanced Analytics Practice Director
I just wanted to put a plug out for SQLDBM - Online SQL Database Modeler. Ed and Ajay have been amazing to work with for the past 9 months. I am glad to have been on the beta journey with them and watch this product grow in it's capabilities. We have been using it to help rapidly design and socialize data models internally and with our customers. They have been extremely receptive to our feedback and incorporated changes into their product. Not to sound cliched, but this really is a disruptive product to a couple of big established players that have really lacked in innovation over the past few years. Congratulations SQLDBM team!Ajay Singh Ed U. #Kudos I am so grateful to be working with you #ThankYou
Bob Dust
Reynolds Community College - School of Business
I have been using #SQLDBM for my data modeling projects at Reynolds Community College for the past two semesters. This is perhaps the best #ERD tool yet and I have used many f them. Plus, the people behind the system are great to work with. If you are a #DBA or a #Database #Developer check it out. I developed an add-on tool that lets my students design their models, then port the design to my tool where it evaluates their model (or as my students say, "Insults their model") giving them instant feedback. The team at SQLDBM worked me by adding a few new features to the tool to make this work. I have been as impressed with the team as I have the tool itself. SQLDBM generates the DDL for the model for both SQL Server and MySQL. #mysql #sql #SqlServer #Reynolds
Mayank Agarwal
Its been a long time that I've been searching for a tool like this! Friends, check this tool. On of the...
Mirza Cutuk
It's rare to find a tool so powerful, yet simple to learn and use. Look no further and check this...
Cicero Hennemann
Dreams do come true.
Mayank Srivastava
Loved this tool !! A tool like this was missing !! Great work !!
Kobus Beets
SQLDBM is one of the greatest online database modelling tools I came across so far and am...
Brian Young
WOW, great work @SQLDBMTool! Anyone looking for a fast, web based sql data modeler...
Hector Zumaeta
I have been using SQLDBM for a couple of weeks now after hearing about them through a podcast. This is a tool unlike any others. If anyone in the SQL development world is interested in creation and reverse engineering of ERDs make sure to give it a try, it's a very strong tool.
Zwarts IT Solutions
We can recommend @SQLDBMTool to anyone. Easy to use and it gets the job done! #Sql...

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