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SqlDBM + Confluence

Always up-to-date SqlDBM diagrams displayed directly in Confluence pages. Available for hosted and on-prem Confluence plans.

This is an interactive, modern way of maintaining a centralized repository of up-to-date ERDs. It allows model creators to seamlessly share models with a wider audience - both technical and business teams - all through a familiar interface within Confluence
Share diagrams across the entire organization

Share diagrams across the entire organization

SqlDBM diagrams are now embeddable directly in Confluence. Share live, dynamic diagrams with your entire organization without needing to access SqlDBM or creating individual viewer accounts.

Always up to date
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Always up to date

Share any project and stay in sync with changes as they happen. Display the latest revision by default, or fix the view to a historical snapshot.

Easy navigation
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Easy navigation

Move, zoom, and explore schema diagrams dynamically. Display any view mode as configured in the project itself.

The entire project is viewable: navigate all subject areas and diagram tabs directly from Confluence.

The height and width can be configured to match the existing content on your Confluence page.

More integrations

SqlDBM meets you where you are. Currently, we offer email notifications for all in-tool communication. More integrations are coming soon so your communication remains uninterrupted and comes in through familiar channels. Your modeling work does not have to exist in a silo.

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