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Bridging the gap between design and deployment with SqlDBM

About the company

InterWorks is a people-focused tech consultancy delivering premier service and expertise in collaboration with strategic partners. They empower clients by aligning the right people and solutions aligned to their unique needs. InterWorks helps customers customize the best data and IT solutions--from data management and visualization to server monitoring and maintenance.

SqlDBM helped:
  • Bridge the technical gap between design and deployment
  • Accelerate cloud migrations through DevOps automation
  • Eliminate technical debt around documentation
  • Generate project overview and detailed diagrams from a single source of truth

Inside the Box – Operate

It’s been a support, as opposed to any kind of burden in producing documentation Karl Young, Data Architect, InterWorks

A consultant’s strength lies in seeing common challenges across multiple projects. Customers wishing not to embark alone on a journey already well-traversed by others are wise to seek consulting help. A consultant can help accelerate common projects, like cloud migrations, by providing both the know-how and the toolset for the job. For InterWorks, the know-how comes from experience, and the toolset includes SqlDBM.

Database architects at InterWorks save weeks of tedious labor per project by relying on SqlDBM to ingest the raw DDL from an on-premise database and automatically convert it to Snowflake compliant syntax, ready for immediate deployment. Snowflake-specific properties such as transient tables and cluster keys can also be applied directly from the visual interface without worrying about syntax.

Outside the Box – Plan


Not all projects are as cookie-cutter as database migrations. For unexpected challenges, Karl expects that his toolkit is versatile, in addition to being feature-packed. Here, SqlDBM also proves its worth time and again. SqlDBM allows Karl to use it in novel ways by not placing technical constraints on its modeling features.

For example, SqlDBM allows InterWorks to whiteboard project designs before expanding them into fully qualified database tables. It also allows modeling beyond just tables--SqlDBM can represent relationships of any kind. From a role hierarchy to a family tree, the tool places no constraints on what can be created. On several occasions, this meant that InterWorks could adapt to the requirements of Data Vault projects through SqlDBM’s flexibility.

The versatility that SqlDBM provides gives InterWorks the ability to go beyond a single standard set of diagrams. It allows for multiple detail levels for a given diagram and even multiple diagrams of varying detail based on one common set of database elements--perfect for presenting a unified view of a project to everyone from the development team to the executives.