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From SQL Server to Snowflake Cloud with SqlDBM

About the company

Revcontent is a leading content marketing platform run by a small, tight-knit team out of sunny Sarasota, Florida. They connect advertisers to highly engaged audiences through technology and direct partnerships with the world's premier digital publishers.

SqlDBM helped:
  • Ease cloud migration from SQL Server to Snowflake
  • Enforce best coding standards
  • Ensure smooth deployments to Snowflake
When reviewing a pull request, I can always tell when the change was done through SqlDBM and when it wasn't. The neat formatting and helpful comments are a telltale sign.
Steve Flee, CTO Revcontent

Doing business at the speed of cloud

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When Revconent decided to migrate their warehouse from on-premise to cloud, they searched for a software solution that would guide them through the journey and minimize the manual effort involved. They chose SqlDBM for this mission because of how seamlessly the tool ingested their existing database DDL and how well it integrates with the Snowflake Data Cloud. By performing the migration to Snowflake with the help of SqlDBM, Revcontent began their cloud journey on sound footing -- with a baseline snapshot of their database landscape that could be used to both visualize existing relationships and serve as a reference point for future development. SqlDBM takes care of database-specific properties and formats to make sure that deployed DDL is valid on Snowflake or any other compatible platform.

Continuing the journey with SqlDBM


SqlDBM's central mission is to help customers develop databases online without writing a single line of code. These days, with their tech stack firmly established in the cloud environment, Revcontent focuses on its operational goal of maximizing revenue for digital publishers. However, when a database change is required, Revcontent's development team relies on SqlDBM's no-code visual editor to get the job done.

Through SqlDBM, developers maintain a consistent coding format and can rely on clean, pre-configured naming conventions. Using the forward-engineering feature, Revcontent's developers use SqlDBM to generate table alters which only affect the modified database objects. The tool ensures that there is never a stray comma or missing semicolon, which could derail a critical deployment.