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Goodbye On-Prem

About the company

Powdr Solutions are Cloud Data Management experts who help clients establish centralized data platforms which enable enterprise reporting. Whether forging a data strategy from scratch or accelerating a cloud migration from on-premises, Powdr understands that communication and iterative design in the early stages help save fixes and rework down the line.

SqlDBM helped:
  • Eliminate on-prem infrastructure after cloud migrations
  • Minimize the transition period for on-prem to cloud data migrations
  • Facilitate business discussions by flipping between levels of detail on a diagram
“SqlDBM can accelerate my time to market: it’s ready to go off-the-shelf and easily integrates with the cloud technologies that I'm moving towards.” Jarred Campbell, CTO / CIO / Managing Partner

Powdr moves customers to cloud platforms like Snowflake to help them take advantage of limitless scalability and avoid time-consuming maintenance tasks.

From their perspective, it makes little sense to abandon an on-premises database while being tied to an on-prem hosted modeling tool. A web-based SaaS tool like SqlDBM elevates modeling to modern standards. It offers the same convenience as the cloud data platforms it supports: nothing to install and no hardware to maintain.

SqlDBM is a solution ready to go off-the-shelf: it can connect directly to Snowflake or Azure and reverse engineer an entire database landscape in under a minute.

Conversation at the Heart of Design


When architecting a cloud data model, Powdr uses SqlDBM, the online database modeling tool, and leverages its cloud-native functionality to accelerate their client's time to market. SqlDBM facilitates concurrent, up-to-date access to database diagrams through a web browser and supports multiple view modes with varying levels of detail. This means business users of all technical backgrounds can observe and weigh in on the design as it evolves in real-time.

Getting it right on the first try


By involving the business stakeholders in the design process and receiving feedback early, Powdr avoids unpleasant surprises down the road. The no-code interface breaks down the barrier for non-technical users to contribute functional knowledge to the project and monitor its evolution.

By using the visual no-code interface, users can design sophisticated data models and pipelines without worrying about misplaced commas or invalid database properties. SqlDBM ensures that even more advanced objects like Snowflake views and procedures are supported within a project and on the diagrams. Anyone who has ever filled in a web form will be able to contribute comments and business definitions and have them form a part of the underlying DDL, making sure these insights make their way to the database on deployment.

At the project level, case standards and naming conventions ensure consistency, compatibility, and readability for generated code. To ensure an incident-free deployment, SqlDBM maintains a list of invalid or inconsistent objects in the “Errors and Warnings” section, allowing the user to jump directly and amend the offending item.

All of these features work in concert to ensure smooth delivery and handover by avoiding errors and technical debt and eliminating the need for extra documentation time after go-live.