Automating modeling through DevOps

About the company

LaSalle has been investing in real estate for three decades, bringing a unique focus and depth of expertise to the sector. As an independent subsidiary of Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (NYSE: JLL), one of the world's largest real estate companies, they have a presence in every region of the world in which they invest, spanning 15 countries and 22 offices worldwide. Led by some of the industry’s most experienced professionals, LaSalle employs people with proven track records in their areas of expertise.

SqlDBM helped:
  • Automate modeling through DevOps
  • Simplify redundant tasks
  • Enforce best coding standards
  • Ensure smooth deployments to Snowflake

The solution

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LaSalle’s Data Warehousing team started using SqlDBM because they saw that it could instantly resolve many of the challenges they were experiencing. Using an intuitive browser-based visual interface, SqlDBM allows the team to create native Snowflake objects without writing the underlying SQL. Naming conventions enforcement on-save and non-destructive ALTER statements based on project revisions ensure that development is consistent and flows seamlessly to deployment in Snowflake.

The team was also able to invent ad-hoc creative uses to incorporate SqlDBM into their DevOps workflow. Having developed an excel template for table-creation requests, the team can quickly pull the generated DDL into SqlDBM and take advantage of syntax and naming validations. Utilizing SqlDBM’s ability to copy objects between tables, the team has created template tables from which frequently used metadata columns could be pasted into any new table instead of repeatedly being declared by hand.

Benefits and results


When it comes to database modeling, the exciting tasks tend to involve visualization, planning, and elegant coding -- not declaring columns by hand or having to repeat common steps. Through the automation and built-in validation that SqlDBM provides, Thulasinath Sompally, a Data Engineer at LaSalle, estimates that he saves an average of six hours per week.

With a centralized repository for the entire database, with native database support, built-in validation, a graphical no-code interface, and the ability to visualize the whole database, it’s easy to see how the team can save almost a day of development time. When a team can cover more and more of their needs from a single, collaborative tool, more time can be saved through automation and having a single source of truth for database artifacts.